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This trip took place from 26 May to 3 June 2013. The group arrived in Oslo before flying to the far north of the country to Kirkenes. Our first stay was in a lodge in Pasvik an inland site where birds were not abundant. The next destination was Vardø, a small port town which was reached by Hurtigruten ferry from Kirkenes. The area of real interest here was Hornøya Island, a short ferry ride from the harbour in Vardø. This small island is a major breeding ground for many seabirds and with little human interference they were readily approachable making photography relatively simple. The most outstanding aspect of the whole trip was the amazing weather with bright sunshine and temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. Our next stop was in the coastal town of Vadsø with vehicle excursions to Hamningberg. These last three destinations were all on the Varanger Peninsula which is promoted as the world’s most accessible arctic birding destination. Our return was again by air from Kirkenes back to Oslo.

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