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This was a private photographic trip carried out during the month of August 2014. The starting point was the island of Langkawi in the north of Malaysia. After two days on the island we took the ferry across to to the mainland and drove to Royal Belum State Park which is centred around a large man-made lake. With little access to trails, photography was largely limited to shots taken from a boat. The next location was the city of Taiping with a stop en route to visit the Sedim Canopy Walk. The principal reason for the stay in Taiping was to allow an excursion to Maxwell Hill. Unfortunately activities at the top of Maxwell Hill were severely curtailed by a torrential downpour which made photography impossible. A second location visited from Taiping was the coastal mangrove forest at Kuala Gula. From Taiping we next moved to Fraser’s Hill another site famous for its range of bird species. Once again the weather was not ideal but we were able to take more pictures at this location. Our move from Fraser’s Hill took us to Taman Negara with a brief stop at Bukit Tinggi for an abortive search for the Peacock Pheasant. After the cool environments of Maxwell Hill and Fraser’s Hill, Taman Negara proved to be hot and extremely humid and although the jungle trails produced some interesting finds the number of photographable birds and animals was relatively low. Our final destination in Peninsula Malaysia was Lake Kenyir in the state of Terangganu on the east coast. Lake Kenyir is anothe man-made reservoir and we spent our time working around the shores of the lake during the day and also at night. The night excursion produced sightings of Masked Palm Civet, Civet Cat and Spotted Wood Owl. The journey from Langkawi to Lake Kenyir had taken two weeks and, although there had been periods of clear bright weather, every day had produced rain at some stage. The last stage of the visit involved a flight back to Kuala Lumpur from Terangganu for our transfer to Borneo.

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